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Crawley, West Sussex

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Subscriptions - Weekly. 6 Month or Yearly Maintenence ServicesFrom £ 30 + Parts

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Puncture Repair / Callout Rescue£ 20 + Parts

Please specifiy your Tyre Size and Valve type/Amount of gears upon booking.
If you have a puncture caused by embedded glass, hard to remove thorns or debris, we strongly recommend replacement of both the tube and tyre. Tyres are available from £15.
We will not bring these unless you ask for one when booking. There may be times when we are out of stock of the exact size, model or tread pattern required.
Tyres and tubes can be ordered from our Click and Collect Store

To prevent future punctures, we strongly recommend fitting the following:

We can supply these products upon request, and they can be ordered from our Click and Collect Store

Wheel Repairs (Each) £20 - £30 + Parts
Basic Bicycle Service £30 - £35
  • External Gears inspected and tuned
  • Chain checked and cleaned
  • Mechanical Brakes checked and tuned
  • Chain, Cable or Brake Pads Replaced
    (See other services for other parts)
  • With Wheel Check and Spoke Tightening
Standard Bicycle Service / Basic Brompton Service £50
  • Basic Bicycle service, plus...
  • Chainset checked
  • Bike washed
  • Bottom Bracket checked
  • Puncture repair (on request)
  • Tyres replaced (on request)
Full Monty Bicycle Service £75
  • Standard Bicycle Service, plus All Parts Repaired or Replaced
  • Hydraulic Brakes Serviced
  • Wheels Trued
  • Suspension Externally Regreased and Rust Cleaned away where possible

Suspension and Hydraulic services charged seperatley

Mechanical Brake Services £15 - £20
Hydraulic Brake Services £20 - £35

Hydraulic Brake Bleed/Services - Each £20-£30 + Oil:

Gearset Service £20 - £50
Wheel Build Each £35
Bottom Bracket or Chainset £20
Suspension Fork / Rear Shock Services £40 and up

Serviced or replaced, inc. Front Brake Service for Fork replacement.
Prices Depend on Brand and Model.

Some may require to be sent to the Manufacturer for servicing, where their charges and postage costs will apply. A waiting time of 2 Weeks or more should be espected, and Payment in advance will be required

Bottom Bracket / Headset Service £20
Bearings or Components Fully Replaced
Handlebar Services £20 - £35
Chain Replacement/Refitting Service £10 - £15
Anything else? Contact us!
We also service and repair Electric Mopeds, RC Cars and Skateboards

Terms and Conditions of Service


Prices for services are only cover costs of labour, prices for parts, brake and suspension fluids, unless as stated within the services' description. Prices online are puely a guide price, and charges may very over time, and according to time spent on or complexity of a repair. leeli cycles reserves the right to change these prices at any time, unless the customer has already signed for a re-agreed estimate price. This excluse costs of replacement parts, where they may need to be changed or added according to availability and usability/fitting compatibility.

All combined Brake and Gear services are based on cable brakes, it will cost an extra £10 for Hydraulic Brake Bleeds.

Services and Parts

All services that require a repair, replacement part, or oil replacement may incur extra labour time and a wait for deliveries to be received depending on stock levels. They will likely also require thw work do be done at the Workshop if the service rendered is a Callout/Rescuse Service


All Callout services (with exception of Puncture and some basic non repair services) are strictly on a customer Drop off and Collect basis.
This is for reasons of a possible need of tools and equipment that are at the workshop, and also to maintaining a level of work that keeps with our 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee promise. This Promise ensures that work done meets with the standards expected for work agreed.
In exceptional cases, a £10 Collect and Return service is avalable.